About SPC

About SPC

SPC in an End-To-End solution provider for precision, multi-layered components, built to print.

SPC's roots are seated in the 1990s, where its founders and key technical experts established their passions and talents for solving and delivering challenging converted products.

Founded in 2006, SPC, along with its sister company Precision Converting Solutions (PCS), has been constantly leading their markets in quality, efficiency and service.

Our customers come to us for SOLUTIONS. We invest in the technolgy and capability to deliver those, from soup to nuts.

In-House Machine Shop

SPC fabricates all it's tooling and manufacuring systems in house. This cuts out tooling lead time and costs, improving time to market and time to implement changes.

Robust Quality Systems

SPC is rooted in Quality. On the foundations ISO 9001 and 13485, SPC runs on finely honed Process and Materials management protocals. Our customers are assured relaible quality and continuous improvement.

Ultra-Clean Components

SPC's systems and components run in Class 1K cleanroom environments. Products are routinely laboratory analyzed for micro-particles, environmental contaminates and debris. We work with our customers to establish cleanliness specifications, improvement, and maintenence plans.

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